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We are dedicated to saving, abandoned, abused and neglected domestic animals by mending their broken hearts with medical care, time for healing, patience and lots of love. We then find them forever homes where they will live as a family member and be cherished and loved the rest of their days.

"Only love and patience can mend a dog or cats broken heart."

                                                           -Beckie Wagoner




​Get Involved


Volunteers are needed for a wide range of things, get involved and help save lives! We are 100% non-profit, everyone is a volunteer, no one is paid in this organization. 

We are looking for more volunteers! If you are interested in learning more about how you can help click the link below.

About Us
We are a small non-profit 501(c)3 rescue located in Twin Falls, Idaho. We have been involved in rescue for 8+ years.
The need for animal rescue is great everywhere as anyone involved with rescue will tell you.  The shelters are over crowded and the dogs and cats continue to pour in on a daily basis. We work with local and surrounding area shelters to help with the overcrowding, special needs, senior and unsocial animals that do not have a good chance at adoption in a shelter setting. We take some owner surrenders if we have a foster available and depending on the situation. Our priority is furkids at risk of euthanasia or needing special care. 

Due to Covid-19,
adoption events will be 
announced on our 
facebook page as we
go. Our events are 
located at the Twin 
Falls Petco and will be
Saturdays only. 
Thank you for your
in these crazy

Dogs for

Cats for

Broken Hearts Rescue

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